Tips for trips 2019

Tips for trips 2019

According to last year I try to collect all special activities around Haags Duinhuis. Not only is The Hague and Scheveningen nearby also Delft, Hoek van Holland, Rotterdam and ‘Het Westland’ are very within reach. If you like to found out where Haags Duinhuis is situated on Google Maps or Google Earth, press the hyperlink. There’re so many fun things to do in the surroundings… We wish you lots of fun when staying at Haags Duinhuis!

Activities Kijkduin a.s. 2019

VanTot en metWat1
27/04/201909/06/2019Japanese GardenLandgoed Clingendael
16/05/201926/05/2019Nederlandse bierproeffestivalGrote kerk, Den Haag Centrum
23/05/201902/06/2019Tong Tong FairMalieveld Den Haag
24/05/201926/05/2019Haagse stadsfestivalDiverse locaties binnenstad Den Haag
26/05/201926/05/2019Aircooled Scheveningen - Oldtimers Scheveningen
25/05/201925/05/2019Bunker Atlantikwall openDiverse locaties Den Haag, zie weblink
25/05/201925/05/2019Scheveningen Haven wandelingScheveningen Haven
26/05/201926/05/2019wandeel mee over de ZandmotorZandmotor, Den Haag
28/05/201928/05/2019Tuinrondleiding VredespaleisVredespaleis Den Haag
30/05/201902/06/2019Rrrollend Den Haag - foodtruck festivalLange Voorhout, Den Haag
01/06/201901/06/2019Natuuravontuur KidsLoosduinen, Den Haag
02/06/201902/06/2019Atlantik wall - KijkduinDeltaplein 200, Kijkduin
04/06/201904/06/2019Tuinrondleiding VredespaleisVredespaleis Den Haag
08/06/201908/06/2019Oldtimer bromfietsdagLoosduinse Hoofdstraat, Loosduinen / Den Haag
09/06/201909/06/2019Wandel excursie WestduinparkWestduinpark, Den Haag
10/06/201910/06/2019Dag van het KasteelLandgoed Ockenburgh
11/06/201911/06/2019Tuinrondleiding VredespaleisVredespaleis Den Haag
13/06/201923/06/2019Klassieke muziek aan zeeScheveningen
14/06/201916/06/2019Vlaggetjesdag ScheveningenScheveningen Haven
15/06/201916/06/2019Internationale stoomdagenZuiderpark, Den Haag
15/06/201915/06/2019Dag van de ArchitectuurDiverse locatie Den Haag e.o.
15/06/201915/06/2019Dag van de BouwDiverse locatie Den Haag e.o.
18/06/201918/06/2019Tuinrondleiding VredespaleisVredespaleis Den Haag
20/06/201923/06/2019Liberty Tall Ships RegattaScheveningen
25/06/201925/06/2019Tuinrondleiding VredespaleisVredespaleis Den Haag
28/06/201930/06/2019Parkpop Den HaagZuiderpark Den Haag
28/06/201928/06/2019Den haag Shopping NightDen Haag Centrum
07/07/201907/07/2019Urban Trail RunningCentrum Den Haag
29/06/201929/06/2019Nederlandse VeteranendagDen Haag Centrum
07/07/201907/07/2019AmbachtenmarktLoosduinse Hoofdstraat, Loosduinen / Den Haag
10/07/201914/07/2019ZeeheldenfestivalPrins Hendrikplein, Den Haag
07/07/201907/07/2019Atlantik wall - KijkduinDeltaplein 200, Kijkduin
05/07/201914/07/2019Theaterfestival 'De Parade'Westbroekpark, Den Haag
04/08/201904/08/2019Atlantik wall - KijkduinDeltaplein 200, Kijkduin
10/08/201910/08/2019WaterpopHofpark, Wateringen
17/08/201917/08/2019Festival Den Haag OutdoorZuiderpark, Den Haag
31/08/201931/08/2019Festival LoosduinenLoosduinse Hoofdstraat, Loosduinen / Den Haag
01/09/201901/09/2019Atlantik wall - KijkduinDeltaplein 200, Kijkduin
14/09/201914/09/2019Demonstratie schapendrijvenKoeweide, Landgoed Ockenburgh, Den Haag
14/09/201915/09/2019Hollands Historisch FestijnBinnenstad Den Haag
11/10/201910/11/2019Cirque du Soleil - TotemMalieveld, Den Haag
06/10/201906/10/2019Atlantik wall - KijkduinDeltaplein 200, Kijkduin

PS. This aren’t all activities in the surroundings. Tips are welcome and can be mailed 😉

Tips voor trips Kijkduin e.o.

Some of the website’s might only be in Dutch. A suggestion to use is Google translate.


City information / Tourist offices


Haags Duinhuis is situated in nationaal Park de Hollandse duinen. If you like to be active on your stay, you can inhale yourself with hiking and biking in the area.

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Den Haag / The Hague

Haags Duinhuis is situated in The Hague. The city centre of The Hague is only 9 km away from the holiday home. The Hague is famous as city of peace and justice, the city where the dutch gouvernement and parlement is settled and as city where the king has his working office.

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In the area are many restaurants. However herewith some hidden special restaurants

Real products of The Hague

The Hague has some real specialties

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Specials 2019

Delft en de Gouden Eeuw

Picture: Windmill De Vlieger, Essepad 3, Voorburg