Holiday with small children

Do you recognize that, the holiday is coming up, but where can I find a convenient accommodation where I can have a relaxed holiday with small children?

When I look at my own wishes and consider where an accommodation with (small) children all need to meet up to, then a proper and clean accommodation is no.1. In addition, the accommodation is located in a place where more children are, where my child can play safe outside and where I also can relax. Good beds, a fine couch, no hearing other children crying and if we make our wish list than a good sports channel on TV is also a plus. Oh and of course, fun activities for the children in the nearby area is a must, because in the afternoon I want the little one sleeping in his own bed. But anyhow I would also like the boulevard on hiking distance, so there I can have dinner, enjoy the buzz, shop a bit and scroll the little one back home in the buggy… Almost forgot, having the possibility of cooking my own dinner is also important, because I don’t want to go out for every bite the whole time. And all the dishes will be done, by the dishwasher. And I almost forget a Washing machine with small children is a ‘must have’.

Ai, ai, ai, I’ve quite a long whist list. But probably very recognizable. Accommodations for (small) children who have it all, are hard to find. However, we strive to be that ideal accommodation. If your wish list with your children is different, please let me know your wish!

Please Note: The only thing we can’t do is to let the sun shine, but fortunately The Hague has a maritime climate. And what is better than getting a breath of fresh air on the beach with strong winds and then warming yourself up at the fireplace?