Haags Duinhuis – One year

22 January 2016 we welcome our first guests

12 January 2017 today. The first year of Haags Duinhuis almost comes to an end. With a lot of joy I am looking back to it. I am proud that we welcomed over 10 nationalities last year. Even more proud am I that one of the guest commented that the house was so good to stay at that they didn’t visited anything in the environment. I think that’s The Ultimate holiday feeling!

That holiday feeling, a home away from home, is important to is. We all have a busy life and it is good to have a relaxed ‘getaway’. We try to realise this for you. We also made some, thanks to your suggestions, some improvements throughout the year. Now there has come  some extra pans, darker curtains, etc. We adjusted the house explanations and we have many other new improvement plans for the upcoming year(s).

But what really gives me a good feeling is the following:
I wrote before why our holiday home is smokefree. This difficult start of her live, caused that we stayed at a Ronald McDonald house in 2012. Happy am I to tell, that we offer families a stay at a Ronald McDonald house for all our guest stays, 30 in total.

I hope that you also want to stay with us in the dunes of The Hagues. That you give us your suggestions how we can make your stay even more pleasant and that we may realize many stays for parents, so they can stay close to their ill children.