Garden (2)

I am really sorry, but a new terrace at the back is impossible to realize in 2 days. I think it will be spring 2017 that the new terrace will be realized. Also not too bad that we postpone, because now we can think about it a bit longer. Because perhaps is a hanging matras (or how do you call it?) or a rocking chair in the trees a nice idea, or… Anyway enough ideas, if you have any suggestions after your stay, please feel free to send me an email about that!

I also had a look at the tomatoes plants, and no rabbit has eaten them yet. Also 2 zucchini plants have been plat yesterday. I am curious if that works out as well.

But anyway, a big change will take place after summer. I can tell you now. We’re having new curtains. They aren’t ready yet, but the material is beautiful!