February 2018 – end of a renovation period

2018 is already more than a month a fact. The renovation has come to an end. about everything went different as planned, but the final result is wonderful. The bed sleeps amazing, the kitchen is a very nice sitting area and the rain shower downstairs… in 1 word, amazing!


That the rainshower great is to take a shower, is also what we found out with one of the first guests testing the new shower. They took such a long time a shower that the whole downstairs was full of water. That was a bit less nice experience for me, but also a confirmation that the shower is very relaxing.


Also the toilet is a adjusted well, we’ve noticed with our guests. they like it even so well that even the kitchen paper is used for the toilet. This causes constipation, so therefor I do not offer anymore toiletpaper in the house. Sorry for that.

Logo Haags Duinhuis

Also the logo of Haags Duinhuis is ‘renovated’. Haags Duinhuis goes without .nl by live now. In one of my following blogs I’ll explain more about the background of this logo.