New things

Living Holidayhome Kijkduin

Last weekend we handled a lot of chores from our list from our Holidayhome. I send my first guests of 22 January 2016 the following: ‘He’s available the requested the period. The only thing what needs to be done is the front door – that needs to be painted.’ As you can image I am … Read more

Garden (2)

Vakantiehuis Kijkduinpark

I am really sorry, but a new terrace at the back isĀ impossible to realize in 2 days. I thinkĀ it will be spring 2017 that the new terrace will be realized. Also not too bad that we postpone, because now we can think about it a bit longer. Because perhaps is a hanging matras (or how … Read more


Vakantiehuis Kijkduinpark

I love to work in the garden. Our terrace is situated beside the path to the beach. It is nicely orientated South-West, so you can sunbath till the late hours. On a regular base people pass by. So there’s always something to look at. Also you can sit away from the wind, which is also … Read more