Ai, ai, another renovation is coming up

The summerholiday is almost for everybody coming to an end. It has not always been the greatest weather, but everybody enjoyed his time at our holiday home. Since the area of The Hague and the house have enough to offer.

Now we are preparing ourself to the new renovation which is coming up. From 29 september we are going to renovate Haags Duinhuis II, neighbourhouse number 97. The constructor is ready to start his work and the kitchen, the floor and new beds are bought.

But what are we going to do? First we get downstairs a new tile. Upstairs a new laminate and a window in the bathroom. Also the toilet and bathroom downstairs will be upgraded. All beds, fournituren and curtains will be renewed. And final the constructor will place the new kitchen. Somewhere in between we are going to gardening and a new terrance at the back of the house will be placed.

And since we’re busy at the moment, we’re also going to replace the downstairs toilet in 96. Because it wasn’t placed enough to the back during the last renovation. And we are also going to renew the downstairs bathroom in- and place an extra store beside this house.

It’s quite going to be some work, but from January 2018 we hope that all renovations have succesfully come to an end.