Additional wishes

Finally holiday! Throughout the year we are working hard. When we go away, we would like to stay in a pleasant, homely environment and as carefree as possible. Therefor you will find a clean home and you do not need to make the beds upon arrival.

If you like us to take further preparations before your stay, choose one of the more extensive packages. If your needs are not in the list, please tell us when making your booking request. We love to think along with you.

Possible extras to book 
Towels (1 bathingtowel 70*140, 1 towel 50*100, 1 washcloth per person + 1 towel for the ground per bathroom)€ 8,- pp
Extra Towels € 4,- per set
Kitchenpackage (2 dishcloths en 1 dishrag)€ 3,- per pakket
Wood for fireplace€ 6,50 per bag
Travelcod (with mattress, blanket, patch, contour sheet)€ 15,- per cod
2 Deck chairs€ 10,-
Parasol€ 10,-
2 Beach chairs€ 10,-
Extra cleaning in between the stay€ 65,-